About Us

About Us


To be a leading company and benchmark in technology developments for wellbore measurement for the oil and gas industry, developing innovative products and solutions to our valued customers.


Provide downhole measurements solutions for the oil and gas industry based on our user experience and our capacity for research, development and innovation.


Our values ​​guide the way we relate and point out the behaviors that distinguish us as members of ALTOS TECHNOLOGIES for our customers and suppliers and in the community we serve:

• Honesty and Respect. Our relationships are based on mutual respect, fairness, friendly treatment and integrity as people.
• Responsibility and Commitment. We make commitments and we deliver. Our word has value.
• Excellence and Professionalism: we pursue excellence in everything we do and try to do our work right from the beginning.
• Teamwork: we believe in the synergy and creativity of the whole. We know that our teams achieve more than the sum of individualities and therefore we foster a work environment where everyone can develop their skills and abilities. .

Growing with your company

Quality policies

Our quality policy is broken down into several motivating points and focuses for our management and come out of three basic purposes, reflected in our activity:
• Improve continuously.
• Comply with the internal and external requirements set.
• Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction

    Continuously seek the highest level of satisfaction of our Customers in the products and services developed, controlling the Design, Development and Production and Service processes, as well as applied techniques, tests, research and analysis performed by the company.
  • Recognition

    To be recognized as a company of high technology, quality and reliability in our products.
  • Human Resources

    Integrate the organization with excellent people from the human and professional point of view, with a high degree of commitment to the task and wishes for personal growth.
  • Processes and Methods

    Implement processes and methods that allow working with high motivation, productivity and safety.
  • Growth and Loyalty

    Look for sustained growth and customer loyalty. Extending our own national developments beyond our borders.
  • Suppliers

    Promote and support the growth and improvement of our critical suppliers.
  • Legal

    Verify compliance with the legal regulations in force in our field of action, respect society and the environment.
  • Iso Standards

    To certify and maintain our Quality System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, or the successive versions in force in time. Install the concept of continuous improvement of our Quality Management System as a tool for the growth and consolidation of our company.