Product Lines

Product Lines

Altos Technologies desarrolla y fabrica una línea completa de herramientas de perfilaje de pozo entubado, registradores de presión y temperatura tipo memory gauges y Giróscopo para determinación de rumbo. Proveemos una solución completa que incluye las herramientas de fondo de pozo, el panel de superficie y el software que permite a nuestros clientes proveer servicios de la mas alta calidad. Fabricamos además registradores de presión y temperatura (Memory Gauges) para ser bajados tanto con equipo de alambre (Slickline) como con la sarta de perforación.

STP (3)

Surface Logging Equipment

There are two different ways to produce logs at surface which basically depend on the means the downhole equipment is run in hole, these could be run either on wireline or slickline (using battery packs to provide power to the tools).
The STP panel is used to power up downhole tools and acquires realtime data at surface, from all the downhole sensors connected to an electrical cable.
In case of using a slickline wire a different panel called DTR is used at surface which records the measured depth and time (among others, like line tension and cable speed) that will be used to synchronize the data recorded downhole to finally produce logs similar to those created with an SRO logging system.
Fullbore spinner

Production Logging Tools (PLT)

Our production platform consist of several compact modules that can be combined in any order to configure the best production string that satisfy your requirements. Each of these modules is connected independently to a very robust downhole bus together with a telemetry cartridge which transfers all the sensors readings to the STP (a memory cartridge can be used instead in case of slickline logging) 15 times per second to produce realtime logs. Even if one of this modules fails the string will automatically turn it off and continue transmitting the readings from all the other modules as if the defective one was not attached.
Downhole Memory gauges

Downhole Memory Gauges

Small length and diameter together with long duration battery life are common features of our state of the art memory gauges.
They can be run on slickline and left in the well with an anchor hanger or in pockets in the production string.
We also provide specially designed gauges that fit in the gas lift mandrels as if it was a dummy valve.

Gyro survey tool

Los relevamientos direccionales giroscópicos proveen un medio preciso, libre de interferencia magnética dentro de pozos entubados o abiertos e incluso dentro de los sondeos de perforación.