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3 February, 2017
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3 February, 2017
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BMST-B Battery Memory Survey Tool


This module (BMST) is part of a production measurement tool (PLT) And used in combination with different sensors to obtain measurement records in Oil / gas / water wells, allowing the generation of profile reports, Gradients and seasons. The BMST is used when the PLT is lowered to the well by non-conductive wire, The data is stored in non-volatile memory to be downloaded once The measurement work is completed by means of a PC interface. The software then allows Visually verify the data and combine them with depth records, filter them, Sort them etc. And generate ASCII files for later analysis. When using lead wire the BMST is replaced by the Telemetry (TCST) using the same sensor modules and allowing Acquisition in real time. Benefits By possessing non-volatile memory the data is maintained even without power. Programmable sampling frequency, long-life lithium batteries (Typical 50hs Depending on the connected modules).

Technical Specifications

Acquisition Software MemLog PLT (For Win XP / W7 /W10) Type of Communication USB interface Temp. Maximum operating 150°C / 300°F Frequency of Sampling Up to 15 complete measurements per second Real Time Clock YES Memory Capacity Typ 12 Hrs depends on connected modules (PLT Typical 1,000,000 measurements.)

Mechanical Specifications
Diameter 43 mm (1-11 / 16 ") Lenght 995 mm (39 ") Resistant H2S YES Maximum working pressure 10000 PSI / 700 bar