SCST LOGGING TOOL Series Spinner Electronics Module
3 February, 2017
FSMT – Fullbore Spinner flowmeter section
3 February, 2017
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CSMT LOGGING TOOL Series Continuous Spinner flowmeter sonde


This mechanical tool (CSMT) when combined with (SCST) is capable of producing accurate flow profile inside tubing or used to monitor proper operation of individual mandrels and plugs, either in producing or injecting wells. It houses a protected caged spinner that turns as fluid moves relative to tool body. It allows SCST to produce fluid direction and speed in high resolution data. Low friction bearings help in measuring low flowrates zones. (As low as 3 mt/min in liquids and 6 mt/min inside gases) Using multiple passes going in and out of the well, yields to a higher sensitivity logs.

Technical Specs

Range +/- 250 Rev / Sec Resolution 0.1 RPS (10 pulses / rev) Max. Well Temp. 150°C Max. Pressure 14 Kpsi ( 1000 bar)

Mechanical Specs

Diameter 43 mm (1-11/16”) Length 215 mm (21-1/2”) H2S Resistant Yes