EZValve 1.5″ Gas lift valve Memory gauge
21 June, 2017
SURFGAUGE Wellhead memory gauge
8 June, 2017
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EZTemp Fast response Temperature sensor memory


This highly sensitive memory gauge can provide temperature measurements Enabling accurate diagnostics on gas list systems, well integrity, quickly identifying faulty valves, inflow and outflow without interrupting production.

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type PT100 (Platinum Resistor)
Temperature Error Max. +/- 0.45 ºC (complete range)
Temperature Resolution 0.001 ºC Response Time < 1 second (in liquid environment)
Temperature Ranges 0-150 ºC, Optional 0-177 ºC
Pressure Rating 10 Kpsi, Optional 15Kpsi
Memory Capacity 860,000 data sets (1,500,000 d.s. available)
Battery Voltage 1 AA Cell (3.2 to 3.9 Volt)
Battery Life Program Dependent, 2500 hs typical
(For 10 sec sample time program)
Programming 20 steps
Sampling Time 1 sec to 18 hours
Step duration 1 min to 45 days

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter 19.05 mm (3/4“)
Length 250 mm (~10“)
Housing H2S Resistant YES
Diaphragm H2S Resistant YES
Communications USB interface
Software Windows XP / WIN7 / W10