CSMT LOGGING TOOL Series Continuous Spinner flowmeter sonde
3 February, 2017
EZGauge Series (Pressure-Temperature Miniature Gauge)
3 February, 2017
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FSMT – Fullbore Spinner flowmeter section

Casing foldable fullbore spinner


This tool (FSMT) is used to obtain downhole flowrates in casings either in producing or injecting wells. Combined with our software it can generate log curves or production profiles with proper software or just to monitor plug leaks. FSMT has a foldable spinner that can pass through tubing and unfolds once inside casing to spin as fluid moves relative to tool. Suitable for 4.5” - 7” casings.
Speed and direction of fluid readings are high resolution and sensitivity. Useful even at very low flowrates (Fluid velocities of 1 m/min. inside liquids or 2 m/min. is gases) best accuracy is obtained with multiple passes at different speeds technique.

Technical Specs

Range +/- 250 Rev / Sec Resolution 0.1 RPS (10 pulses / rev) Max. well temp 150°C Max pressure 1000 bar (14Kpsi)

Mechanical Specs

Diameter 43 mm (1-11/16”) closed. Length 700 mm (27-1/2”) H2S Resistant H2S Yes