BMST-B Battery Memory Survey Tool
3 February, 2017
PSST LOGGING TOOL Series Pressure-Temperature-CCL Module
3 February, 2017
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GRST LOGGING TOOL Series Natural Gamma Ray module


Natural gamma ray module (GRST-B) provides the logging string with high resolution crystal GR counts that are proportional to the natural radioactivity of earth materials in a wellbore at every logged depth. Most common sources of natural gamma rays are potassium, thorium, and uranium found at high concentrations in Shales and clays that give high natural radioactivity readings while sandstones have low radioactivity levels. The produced log is used for correlation between wells, for depth correlation between open and cased hole logs, and for depth correlation between logging runs. This module can be combined with PSST (Pressure-temperature-CCL), to provide Depth correlation for TCP Perforation Guns. It can also be combined with FSMT (Fullbore spinner), and many others to provide a complete PLT answer in one run.

Technical Specs

Sensor Type PMT+ NaI(Tl) Cystal Range 0 – 65000 API Calibration 5% measured value. Output UNITS Gamma Ray API Sampling time High resolution 15 measurements per sec. Operating temperature range 0 - 150 ºC (300 ºF) Communication CAN Bus Memory and telemetry YES Acquisition Software WSS Real Time MemLogPLT for Memory

Mechanical specs

Diameter 43 mm (1-11/16”) Lenght 766 mm Maximun working pressure 10Kpsi H2S Resistant YES