SURFGAUGE Wellhead memory gauge
8 June, 2017
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3 February, 2017
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Memory Gauge 177ºC

Memory Pressure-Temperature Sensor

The EZGAUGE Series provides a wellbore for the Temperature and Pressure measurement with a quality and reliability in very long duration operations. The high accuracy and high resolution sensors can be operated by non-specialists and provide substantial cost savings. They need minimum logistics for their operation and maintenance.
High reliability power batteries has been tested up to 6 months of continuous downhole recording, the data is downloaded using a very user friendly software that runs on any PC with Windows XP/Win7/W10 operating system.

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type Piezo Resistive Silicon on Sapphire
Pressure Range 10000 and 15000 psi (690 and 1040 bar)
Pressure Accuracy 0.05% F.S. (Long Term)
Pressure Resolution Better than 0.0003% F.S. (typical 0.02 psi for a 10Kpsi gauge)
Temperature Error max. 2 degC (for the complete temp. range)
Temperature Resolution 0.005 ºC
Temperature Range 0 - 177 ºC
Memory Capacity 1,370,000 data sets
Battery Voltage 1 AA Cell (3.2 to 3.9 Volt)
Battery Life Program Dependent (more than 2,300 hours for 10sec sample time program)
Programming 1 to 20 steps
Sample Time 1 sec to 18 hours
Period/Delay Time 1 min to 45 days

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter 19.05 mm (3/4“)
Length 272 mm (~10.70“)
Housing H2S Resistant YES
Diaphragm H2S Resistant YES
Communications USB interface
Software Win7/Win10