WHST LOGGING TOOL Series Capacitance Water Hold-Up Tool
3 February, 2017
CSMT LOGGING TOOL Series Continuous Spinner flowmeter sonde
3 February, 2017
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SCST LOGGING TOOL Series Spinner Electronics Module

This module (SCST-B) uses frictionless Hall Effect sensors to read spinner direction and speed in high resolution coming either from a fullbore or a caged spinner mechanical section. It can be run with a telemetry cartridge (TCST) or with a battery memory module (BMST) for non conductive slick line.

Technical Spec
Range Resolution Threshold Tools Communication Sampling time Max. well temp. Max. well Press. +/- 250 Rev / Sec 0.1 RPS (10 pulses / rev) See CSMT or FSMT CAN Bus 15 Samples/Sec 150°C 1000 bar / 14Kpsi

Mechanical Spec
Diameter Length H2S Resistant 43 mm (1-11/16”) 350 mm (21-1/2”) Yes