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21 June, 2017
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STP Surface Telemetry Panel

Surface Telemetry Panel

Surface Telemetry Panel


This portable panel does all what is required to run a cable logging job with our tools. It sends power, receives and sends data to tools and PC via USB cable. It also provides input for depth encoder and cable tension sensors while sending these channels to be presented on a built in display and PC logs.
It supports analog CCL tools. This equipment comes in a convenient waterproof ruggedized Pelican case for easy transport and setup.

Technical Specifications

Power Input 110-240 VAC ( selectable )
Sampling Time 15 times/second
Communications USB interface
Software WSS for Windows XP/Win7/Win10
Supported Wireline Cable Any including 1/8”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 9/32” and up
Cable length compensation Included
Cable Short circuit Protection included
Output Power 0 to 250 DC Volt, 1.5 Amp peak (0.75 Amp continuous)
Depth One or Two encoder with slippage correction
Tension 0-5 Volt, 0-10 Volt or 4-20 mA interfaces
Other Features Analog CCL logging capability and safety switch available

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions Length: 480mm (19”), Width: 390mm (15”), Height: 190mm (7-1/2”)
Weight 12 Kg
Layout Portable system, carried in a Pelican Box.