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3 February, 2017
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3 February, 2017
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TCST Cable Telemetry Cartridge


This module (TCST) collects digital data from our downhole BUS from all logging tools connected in the string (e.g. PSST, SFST, WDLT) and sends them to a surface telemetry panel (STP) to obtain real time readings on a PC. It works with monoconductor, coaxial or heptacable.
Data integrity checks every frame. Bi-directional communications to send commands allows writing calibrations and modifying tool parameters. Automatic tool check on start up ensure that all software declared tools are in working condition prior to start logging.

Technical Specifications

Baud rate 15 - 62.5 Kbit/sec.
Cable types Monoconductor-Coaxial-Multiconductor Including 1/8” full drum cable.
Tools Communication High bandwidth CAN Bus Sampling time 15 Samples/Sec Max. well temp. 150°C (300ºF) Max. well Press. 1000 bar / 14Kpsi Acquisition Software WSS for Windows

Mechanical Spec

Diameter 43 mm ( 1-11/16” )
Length 545 mm ( 21-1/2” )
H2S Resistant Yes