Our North Seeking Gyro tool utilizes state of the art DTG gyros in
combination with Quartz accelerometers to provide a strapdown
platform for underground directional surveys and downhole assembly
orientation operations. Measurements taken with our Gyro tool are
independent from magnetic interference.
The tool utilizes specialized electronics and software algorithms to
remove sensor biases and errors without the need of mechanically
turn the gyro sensor, making it capable of acquiring stations in as low
as 30 seconds when the downhole conditions are favorable.
You can run the tool in standard or flasked version, the advantage of
the standard version is its smaller diameter (1.75 inch) and length but
the maximum operating temperature will be lower. When flask is
added, the tool temperature range is extended at the cost of an
increased outer diameter (2.125 inch) and some additional length.
More detailed information and specs can be found in the GIST-B